Absolute Magnetic Sensing Head AKS16-MT


resolution: 18 to 20 bit single-turn, up to 28 bit multi-turn

distance sensor/scale: 0.4 mm

movement speed: 6.000 - 24.000 rpm, depending on resolution

output sginals interface: absolute: BISS-C, SSI; incremental: sin/cos 1 VPP

power supply: 5 V ± 5 %

electric connections: Molex 12pin

dimensions 24.2  x 16  x 6.6 mm

max. operating temperature: -25 to + 85 °C (-13  to +185 °F)

IP code: IP67 (except connector)


robotics and handling systems

factory automation

electro-medical devices


Technical details
Measurement Method absolute
Linear/Rotary linear and rotary
Housing housed version
Product Status active