Absolute Magnetic Sensing Head AKS16


Miniature sensing head with dual orientation
Magnetic sensing up to 20 bit (1048576 cpr)
Absolute BiSS-C, SSI or incremental AB0+UVW output 

Applications: robotics and handling systems, automation , medical technology

Technical details
Measurement Method absolute
Linear/Rotary linear and rotary
Housing housed version
Product Status active
AKS16 Technical Data Sheet (file - 2.50Mb) Download
AKS16 Installation and Operation Instructions (file - 1.32Mb) Download
AKS16 Installation Software (file - 3.26Mb) Download
AKS16 Solid Model P1.28 P1.5 Molex Connector (file - 1.94Mb) Download
AKS16 Solid Model P1.28 P1.5 FFC Connector (file - 1.94Mb) Download