X-class - highly accurate magnetic measuring systems

BOGEN's new product line X-class has been developed within the project tuMaPos*. Two primary goals were pursued:

  • The development of a magnetic measuring system with an accuracy comparable to optical systems
  • The development of a magnetic measuring system with a significantly higher reading distance between encoder and scale

At the same time the technological and price advantages of magnet technology should be kept.

BOGEN´s new X-class measuring systems are based on a pole pitch of 80 μm which revolutionizes the previous standards of magnetic measuring technology. The new developed encoders X-IKS9 and X-IKS15 can read this pole pitch at a distance of up to 240 μm, achieve system accuracies of better than 5 μm per meter and offer a resolution of 10 nm.

X-class X-IKS9


With the micro-encoder X-IKS19 measuring solutions can be realized in the smallest amount of space: Encoder and scale can be implemented in a construction space of just 20 mm in length, 6 mm in width and 5 mm in height. This makes the X-IKS19 the smallest available magnetic encoder for industrial applications. In combination with the X-class linear scales the X-IKS19 has a system accuracy better than 5 μm per meter and a resolution of up to 80 nm. Its maximum reading distance is four times the pole pitch of the scale.


X-class X-IKS19


For more details on the X-class product line see the video below. If you have any questions, please contact our application consultants in BOGEN´s headquarters.



* The tuMaPos project was funded by the European Union within the framework program "Horizon 2020". Horizon 2020 aims to build a knowledge and innovation based society and a competitive economy across the EU while contributing to sustainable development.