Customized Magnetic Rotary Scales

BOGEN can create any magnetic pattern on a wide range of rotary scales. Depending on the required speed to deliver a solution, BOGEN can produce a hub with an elastomer to provide prototypes part with the right magnetic patterns extremely quickly. Ferrite rings may take longer, if a customized ring is required. Plastoferrite and vulcanized rings will take even longer, as the required tools require longer time to produce.

Here is a list of customization possibilities for rotary scales

  • Inner diameter, tolerance
  • Outer diameter
  • Eccentricity of outer diameter
  • Magnetization material and use of separate hub
  • Hub material
  • Hub dimensions
  • Width of magnetization material
  • Number of tracks
  • Pole pitch or number of poles
  • Track type (Absolute, Incremental, Reference)

Talk to the application experts to find the right rotary scale for your application.

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