BOGEN measurement solutions solve our customers positioning challenges. In the combination of sensing head and linear or rotary scale, BOGEN can select or create specific solutions for different tasks specified by customers.

BOGEN measurement solutions support positioning in different ways.

  • The flexible BOGEN scale production technology enables the production of a scale with discrete positions that can be checked with a simple hall sensor.
  • Positioning to an index is supported with a separate reference track where the index can be aligned with any pole border of the incremental scale.
  • With absolute measurement systems, many different positions can be addressed easily.

The high accuracy in scale production translates directly into a high position accuracy. The dirt resistant magnetic measurement enables position measurement where it matters. Instead of using multi-turn encoders on the backend of the spindle engine, magnetic measurements can be used in the linear movement that needs to be controlled. Dirt immunity and design flexibility can lead to previously unthinkable solutions. 

Further information for linear positioning

Further information for rotary positioning

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