Robust and high-accurate magnetic measuring solutions for metal processing

by Maximilian Schaffarczyk

Numerous environmental influences, such as contamination caused by production residues and temperature fluctuations, are among the challenges for measurement technology in industrial production. In this harsh environment the measuring systems must work reliably as their data regulate the machine control and thus influence the quality of the final product.

With the magnetic measuring solutions from BOGEN Electronic GmbH the challenges of an industrial environment can be mastered and at the same time highly accurate measurement data can be achieved. BOGEN´s measuring devices detect and monitor the position of motors and axles, the positioning of sleds and cross tables or the control of manipulators reliably.

BOGEN offers the X-class product line as a highly accurate and robust measuring solution. X-class is a magnetic alternative to sensitive optical systems which often require complex protection devices and ongoing maintenance to work under harsh conditions without failures.

BOGEN Managing Director Dr. Torsten Becker emphasizes: "With an accuracy of the X-class systems of 5 μm this magnetic measuring solution has the same performance as systems of optical competitors. Now our customers can realize applications with magnetic encoders that they would not have thought of before." The X-class encoders are based on 80 μm pole pitch, the resolution is less than 10 nm.

In the protection class IP67 BOGEN offers the measuring head AKS16. Whether linear or rotary applications, whether absolute or incremental measurement, the AKS16 can be used in many ways. With a resolution of 18 to 20 bits, the AKS16 as a hollow-shaft encoder offers significant improvements in performance flexibility over on-axis products.

Thanks to the magnetic technology, all BOGEN measurement solutions are insensitive to contamination, resistant to temperature fluctuations and robust to shocks – and thus they are predestined for use in industrial applications.


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