Half the size for more accurate magnetic position measurement – BOGEN has reduced the size of the new IKS magnetic sensing head IKS9 and improved the performance

Berlin, 24.10.2015:  As the available space for position measurement is always tight, BOGEN introduces a more compact version of the magnetic measuring head IKS9 at the SPS / IPC / Drives 2015 in Nuremberg. In addition to the existing design style with an 11 mm wide body, the measuring head IKS9 is now available in 9 mm width to be used in the most confined spaces. Despite reducing the package size, the IKS9 benefits remain the same - the highest accuracy for magnetic measurements with freely selectable resolutions.

BOGEN CEO Dr. Torsten Becker is happy: "Our customers demand ever smaller products. The new IKS9 measuring head has with 9 mm width less than half the space of the proven IKS8, with higher accuracy and greater adaptability. More power in less space, for many of our customers BOGEN has hit the jackpot with this product. "

The IKS9 impresses customers in automation, instrumentation and motion control applications with an extremely high accuracy and a particularly high degree of modularity. BOGEN provides more than 1 million different variants of IKS9 that can be configured to customer-specific requirements. In combination with an individual scale, measurement solutions for almost every application can be custom-tailored. BOGEN’s modularity of the measuring head and the flexible scale production leads to cost savings, which mean lower prices for customers. If this flexibility is not sufficient, BOGEN develops a customized measurement solution within the Engineer-to-Engineer (E2E) program.

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