BOGEN defines the performance of magnetic encoders new

by Maximilian Schaffarczyk

The German specialist for magnetic measuring BOGEN Electronic GmbH from Berlin conquers a big deficit of magnetic measuring: the mean accuracy. The new X-class-encoders from BOGEN are based upon a pole pitch of 80 µm and outshine any existing magnetic measuring solutions. The new developed measuring heads X-IKS9 and X-IKS15 read the pole pitch in a reading distance up to 240 µm and reach an accuracy of 5 µm and better.

BOGEN´s managing director Dr. Torsten Becker is pleased with the new X-class: „The X-class-solution is a huge achievement: Higher accuracy, due to smaller structures and at the same time a higher reading distance. With these developments magnetic encoders are nearly on the same level as optical measuring solutions. Now product developers have a cost-saving alternative for challenging measuring applications. The time when competitors could brush-off magnetic measuring as an imprecise measuring solution is over.“

With the pole pitch of 80 µm you can read nearly the twentyfold pole quantity than using the common pole pitch of 2 mm. BOGEN writes the small poles extremely precisely and the new X-class measuring heads generate output data with highest accuracy. The measuring head X-IKS9 produces digital output signals and the X-IKS15 produces analog output signals. The new X-class product line can solve high-precision measuring tasks in metrology, industrial automation and other applications. With BOGEN´s Engineer-to-Engineer-Program (E2E) BOGEN offers its customers specific custom-made measuring solutions which beat the expectations concerning accuracy and price.


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