Magnetic Measurement Solutions

IKS8 Rotary Measurement

BOGEN develops and produces highly precise magnetic sensing heads and scales for length, rotary and angle measurement systems for numerous industrial applications. 

The flexible and efficient production technology offered by BOGEN leads to an optimal solution for complex measurement and control tasks. 

The patented dynamic BOGEN-technology surpasses others in precision and economy. BOGEN produces scales with freely definable magnetic patterns - one or two tracks, incremental or absolute. 

Magnetic Heads for Numerous Applications

BOGEN provides a wide range of magnetic heads, for a variety of applications. Whether you plan to read and write tickets, credit cards or other products, BOGEN customizes and tailors the magnet heads from our diverse product line so that they fit exactly to your specific requirements. Our magnetic heads comply with the relevant national and international standards (ISO, DIN, IATA, ABA, etc.) and can be used with various magnetic coercivities.

Special solutions for reading magnetic ink (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition: MICR) and for recognising and validating banknotes are also a part of our product portfolio.


Good start for BOGEN at SPS 2019

BOGEN will be showing three innovations this year as a highlight at the SPS 2019: the new X-LMS magnetic material …

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BOGEN participates in the campaign #EuropaMitUns

The management of BOGEN, Dr. Torsten Becker, actively participates in the campaign #EuropaMitUns of ZVEI - Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- …

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Once again BOGEN belongs to the TOP 100 innovators!

For the second time BOGEN was awarded with the German innovation prize "TOP 100". The award does not refer to …

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Sizeable Product Catalog

BOGEN customers select from a very diverse product portfolio. Parallel to the BOGEN standard products for magnetic sensing heads, multipole scales, linear magnetic scales and magnetic heads, the BOGEN modulor product architecture supports the adaption of the products to many different use cases.

Use our selection options, to define an individual product and request an offer. If the options do not fulfill your requirements, please contact BOGEN with your detailed requirements so we can help find you the best solution. 

Engineer-to-Engineer (E2E) Program

BOGEN develops specific solutions tailored for the customer requirements as part of our E2E program. Working together with you, BOGEN discusses the requirements and supplies the optimal product solution. 

Get the right product with Bogen’s E2E program. Contact us!  Or inform yourself about our possibilities and the scope of our developments.

Made in Germany Delivered Worldwide

From our development and production site in Berlin, German products are delivered to customers around the globe. BOGEN delivers to customers in the US, China, Japan, India, Turkey, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Netherlands or Belgium, to name a few. Contact BOGEN’s sales offices directly or one of our distributors worldwide

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