Magnetic Scale Technology

The unique BOGEN scale production technology serves many customer requirements regarding accuracy, precision and economy that cannot be met by other magnetizing processes.  The patented BOGEN scale producing method is digitally driven and can produce any pattern with the highest accuracy. The scale is produced is many steps ensuring the highest possible quality. In the first step, a high accuracy pattern is created on the scale. In the second step, each pole border is checked for accuracy. If a pole border is not within the required specifications, another magnetization run will correct those non conforming pole borders and move them to the desired position. The magnetization is then checked again, and the process of checking and remagnetization will be repeated, until the customer requirements are met.

Using this patented magnetic coding, pattern variations, different pole pitches or special pattern can be implemented quickly. The technology fulfils highest accuracy requirements while enable the use of all non contact sensors, such as hall or MR sensors. Different scale sizes and geometries can be designed and developed quickly and can be produced economically even for small lot sizes.  

BOGEN produces

  • linear and rotary scales
  • with any magnetic pattern and pole pitches
  • in single track or multiple tracks,
  • absolute or incremental
  • in small and medium to high volumes.

Production can start with prototype quantities and scale to large series production. In combination with the BOGEN sensor the highest system accuracy can be reached with especially optimized pole pitches.

BOGEN is driving the development of this technology towards higher accuracy and is thriving to stay ahead of the competition in this field. 

Scale Variants

BOGEN offers a huge product portfolio for scales

  • Absolute and incremental
  • Linear and Rotary
  • Linear scale width 5, 8, 10, 20, 25 mm width as a standard, other dimensions available on request
  • Length of rolls up to 180 m depending on accuracy
  • Rotary scales with scale track width smaller than 20 mm and diameters from 3 mm to 2.1 m
  • 1 - 4 tracks
  • Any pole pitch possible
  • With adhesive tape to mount easily
  • With an stainless steel protective cover
  • Produced on an extrusion
  • Delivered with an optional extrusion for easy mounting

Contact BOGEN to get professional advice how to engineer the best possible magnetic scale.