Magnetic Measurement Solutions for Robotics and Handling Systems

BOGEN delivers measurement solutions for different robotics, handlings and logistic applications. 

Application in Robotics

The application of robotic hands in industry have thus far been mostly limited to simple two- or three-finger grippers.

A renowned German research institute had as a project goal to develop multi-finger hands where each finger could be controlled separately with the respective sensitive miniature microdrives. In order to simulate the basic functions of a hand, at least four fingers are necessary: three fingers so that cone structures can also be gripped, and an opposing thumb. The thus possible range of motion, however, must be precisely steered and controlled. Especially for sensitive jobs, quick feedback for the comparison of the target value and the actual value is essential for the correct functioning of the controls. The solution for positioning and control of the miniature microdrives was to use extremely precise ferrite rings upon which extremely short pole lengths were applied with the highest precision using the unique BOGEN technology.

Case study Logistics

Position sensing over long distances demands a lot from the measuring systems. They should to be mounted easily and quickly, but must at the same time be resistant to temperature changes and pollution. High distance tolerances and lateral offset do not affect the accuracy of the non-contact measurement.

BOGEN provides measuring solutions that can detect absolute positions over distances of up to 160 m sure. This system consists of a sensing head and a magnetic scale. The resolution of the absolute measurement is 5 or 10 mm. Crucial for long distances is the maximum working distance which the sensor may be removed from the magnetic tape, in both vertical and horizontal directions, in order to have the best possible detected absolute position. Here, too, the sensing heads of BOGEN achieve unique values. The allowable vertical distance is 0-3.5 mm, the lateral offset up to ± 9 mm, at a width of the magnetic tape of 20 mm. This ensures, that the absolute position of the transfer station never will be lost. 

Customer benefits

  • Through high resolution, there are new possibilities for precision robot application
  • Very compact for the smallest geometries
  • Absolute solution with minimum space requirements 

BOGEN Products for Robotics and Handling Systems

Linear Measurement

BOGEN products support customers with diverse solutions for distance measurement, both incremental and absolute.

Linear measurements requires two components:

  • Linear scales
  • Linear sensing heads

BOGEN develops and produces both absolute and incremental linear measurement solutions. In the combination of an indivdual measuring head and task-specific scale  a customer specific solution can be created. 

Rotary Measurement

BOGEN products support customers with diverse solutions for rotary measurement, both incremental and absolute. Rotary solutions are used for continuous or discrete positioning, motion control, such as commutaton, and many other solutions.

Rotary measurements requires two components:

  • Rotary sensing heads
  • Rotary scales

BOGEN develops and produces both absolute and incremental angle measurement solutions. In the combination of individual sensing head and task-specific scale, an optimal rotary measuring solutions can be developed. 

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