BOGEN solves complex measurement and control tasks with magnetic solutions. A magnetic sensing head and a magnetic scale are combined to provide a measurement solution for various applications.

BOGEN Magnetic Measurement Solutions Provide Highest Magnetic Accuracy

BOGEN produces magnetic solutions with the highest accuracy available. From high accuracy sensing heads to the best magnetic scales customers can create solutions that are an order of a magnitude better than other magnetic measurement solutions, also competing with some optical solutions while reducing the cost significantly.

BOGEN Magnetic Measurement Solutions Provide Freedom of Design

Instead of rigid standards, BOGEN can custom tailor magnetic measurement solutions to many product circumstances. The advanced magnetic sensing heads can be customized to different resolutions to provide the exact signals the customer requires. Linear and rotary scales can be produced extremely flexible to fit any mechanical limitations of the customers. The patented BOGEN scale production technology can produce scales with a wide range of different pole patterns, optimized for any special requirement. The BOGEN technology enables the cost-efficient and fast production of scale prototypes during the development phase and later an economic series production.

BOGEN Magnetic Measurement Solutions Enable Applications in Dirty Environments

Magnetic measurement solutions can be used in dirty environments. Unlike optical solutions, magnetic solutions do not require a line of sight. Dirt like printing ink, oil, cooling emulsion etc. will not effect the measurement results. The distance between sensing head and scale can be much higher than in optical solutions. Using the magnetic measurement solution, engineers can measure what matters: Directly at the movement that has to be monitored, not at a distant place with a protected optical encoder that requires many compensations.

BOGEN Magnetic Measurement Solutions for Rotary and Linear Applications

Magnetic measurement solutions are available to measure position, speed, acceleration and control movement, both in linear and rotary applications. Most of BOGEN’s sensing heads are available for both applications, rotary and linear.  Scales are different for the different application areas:  In linear application scales can be produced from a view millimeters to nearly 200 meters. Rotary scales are available in multiple shapes from 3 mm to 2.10 m diameter and can carry magnetic information on the outside and inside diameter plus on the flange. Whether rotary or linear, multiple tracks can be written easily with different patterns.

BOGEN Magnetic Measurement Solutions for Absolute and Incremental Applications

BOGEN offers both, absolute and incremental measurement solutions. BOGEN produces sensing heads with special patterns, nonius pattern and pseudo-random codes plus the required scales for the application. Furthermore BOGEN offers incremental sensing heads for many applications.

BOGEN measurement solutions in many industries

For further information have a look to the BOGEN Brochure Magnetic Measurement Solutions