Doubling the Reading Distance on Magnetic Encoders

BOGEN introduces X-RMS rotational scales with increased reading distance ranges

BOGEN Magnetics GmbH has achieved another technological breakthrough in multipole magnetic encoding resulting in doubling the reading distance for any magnetic encoders.  BOGEN’s new extra strong rotational magnetic scales X-RMS is usable with any existing magnetic sensor. Engineers and designers will benefit from much greater reading distances than ever before even for the most elaborate patterns. X-RMS scales provide them with much greater flexibility in their product designs.

With the new X-RMS tight assembly tolerances for multipole encoders are no longer a limitation. Only BOGEN creates now any magnetic pattern on much stronger magnets. Instead of a rare earth dipole for large reading distances with low accuracy, BOGEN produces multipole rings with accuracy measured in arc seconds.

Using BOGEN’s standard nonius sensor read head on the X-RMS scale, the reading distance between sensor and scale can be doubled versus the standard RMS scale without any degradation in function or accuracy.  BOGEN can create the new x-class rotational scales as small as 15 mm and as large as 80 mm diameter with any incremental or absolute pattern for radial or axial encoders, while standard rotational scales can be produced from 3 mm to 2.1 m. 

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