E2E Process

The engineer-to-engineer process consists of several steps. The length of the steps will depend on the required amount of customization. Generally, creating a different variant of an existing sensing head and a customizing scales is a very fast process, taking a few weeks to complete.

1 Identify customer requirements

At the beginning of the project, the customerĀ“s requirements are documented. BOGEN provides a checklist with the key parameters required to develop the optimal solution. The project can use target pricing but will have requirements regarding availability and quantities of prototype and pre-series parts as well as the serial quantities.

2 Engineer measurement solution

The engineering team develops a customized solution and determines costs, development timing and quantities for production.

3 Agree measurement solution with customer

The solution is presented to the customer and an offer for the solution will be made.

4 Design measuring head and scale

Once the offer is accepted, BOGEN will design the measuring head and customize the scale to the agreed specifications.

5 Provide prototypes

BOGEN will produce prototypes of the sensing heads and scales in the quantities required and prepare the pre-series production.

6 Provide preseries

BOGEN will provide pre-series production units to the customer.

7 Serial production

BOGEN will support the production of the measurement solution from the start of production (SOP) to the end of the life cylce (EOL).