Customized Magnetic Sensing Heads

BOGEN can customize existing heads and develop new sensing heads.

1 Customize existing magnetic sensing heads

The existing magnetic sensing heads can be adapted in multiple ways, since they are build as a modular product.

The IKS9 product line offers

  • Three different sensing head thicknesses (9 mm, 11 mm, 13 mm)
  • 0.5, 1, 2, 2.54 and 5 mm pole pitches
  • With or without reference track sensor
  • 5 Volt or 7 Volt til 26 Volts.
  • Different resolutions
  • Different output frequencies
  • Different digital interfaces (ABZ, HTL, TTL)
  • Different connectors (D Sub 9, M12)
  • Different cable length.

With these options, many application requirements can be fulfilled with the high configuration capabilities.

2 Develop new magnetic sensing heads

Sometimes, there are more requirements than the customization of an existing sensing head can solve. BOGEN will develop a customized product for the requirements of the customer. This process will take more time than configuring a sensing head.