Motion Control

BOGEN measurement solutions solve our customers motion control challenges. In the combination of sensing head and linear or rotary scale, BOGEN can select or create specific solutions for different tasks specified by customers.

Providing the input signal for a linear drive or commutation control is a typical application of BOGEN magnetic measurement solutions. Some of the BOGEN sensing heads provide directly the signals for commutation control for rotary applications. With the high design freedom, linear scales can be adapted to many linear drives.

Opposite to many multi-turn encoders at the end of a shaft, the BOGEN measurement solution can measure where it matters. Implementing a linear scale to measure a linear movement provides better and more accurate feedback. The high quality magnetic scales of BOGEN lead to better efficiency and a smoother operation of the motion system, saving energy in the process. 

Further information for linear motion control tasks

Further information for rotary motion control tasks

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