BOGEN measurement solutions solve our customers counting challenges. In the combination of sensing head and linear or rotary scale, BOGEN can select or create specific solutions for different tasks specified by customers.

Typically, in a rotary application, the motion controller or the positioning system requires a count per revolution signal. With different scales sizes, different scale pitches and different resolutions in a sensor, BOGEN can create a counting solution for many requirements.

  • For simple counting requirements with few counts, the IRS solution will be perfect. Giving a signal for any pole, it can be adapted to different pole counts through the size oft he rotary scale.
  • For higher counting requirements, either the IKS8 or IKS9/IKS11 platform can be used. Depending on the platform, either fixed resolutions or any resolution is possible, enabling the engineer to get very high counting signals.

The counts per revolution are influenced by the size of the scale and the pole pitch, which lead to a number of poles on the circumference of a ring. Together with the interpolation factor of the sensing head, the counts per revolution can be adapted for many different applications.

Further information for linear counting solutions

Further information for rotary measurements

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