BOGEN measurement solutions solve our customers controlling challenges. In the combination of sensing head and linear or rotary scale, BOGEN can select or create specific solutions for different tasks specified by customers.

Controlling a position with a second measurement solution is key to achieve SIL standards. Controlling requires trust and magnetic measurement solution support a lot of trust.

A typical application for controlling is the sensing of wheel movement for ABS systems. A magnetic rotary scale is used together with a switching hall sensor to detect whether a wheel is still rolling during braking or already locking. As locked wheels prevent steering of the car and increase the distance traveled, this is an important task. If the wheel is locking, than the brake is released and then pressure increased to get to the shortest possible braking path. With high accuracy of the BOGEN rings, the braking process can be smoother and some stuttering of the brakes prohibited.

Magnetic measurement is used in elevators to control the position, speed and acceleration of elevator cars. In regular interval, the shaft copy control polls a linear magnetic measurement solution to provide the vital data to drive the elevator.

Further information for linear controlling tasks

Further information for rotatry controlling tasks

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