Technology for magnetic heads

Magnetic heads are based on the principle of inductive measurement (see schematic). The technology was developed with the sound recording in the 30s and has found its culmination in the cassette technology. The technique is still used today to write and read from hard drives.

Proven reliability

BOGEN provides a wide variety of magnetic heads for different applications. Whether you want to write or read tickets, credit cards or other products: BOGEN fits magnetic heads from a wide range of modular elements exactly to your custom requirements. Magnetic heads of BOGEN meet national and international standards such as ISO, DIN, IATA, ABA, etc., and are suitable for different magnetic coercive forces.

Special solutions for reading magnetic ink (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition - MICR) and for the recognition and validation of bank notes round out the product portfolio.

Product range

The following single-track and multi-track magnetic heads belong to the product range of sheets:

  • Ticket applications e.g. for the RATP-Standard
  • Credit card applications
  • Access Applications
  • MICR applications
  • Banknote sensors
  • Special applications

Magnetic heads from BOGEN meet national and international standards such as ISO, DIN, IATA, ABA, etc. Whether the custom application requires an HiCo or LoCo head, in any case quality core materials such as ferrites, permalloy and Sendust are used. In addition to high competence in magnetic field BOGEN has variable and high-precision CNC production equipment.

A highly motivated team customizes tailor-made solutions for complex mechanical and electrical customer requirements and completes order competently and cost-effectively.

BOGEN offers the following product range: 

  • Einspurmagnetkopf / multitrack magnetic head
  • MICR head
  • RATP capita
  • Magnetic head modules and magnetic sensors

Answers to your questions can be found in the magnetic head-FAQ section.