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Soccer Tournament

On November 17, 2017, the indoor soccer tournament "Berlin-Brandenburgischer Unternehmensscup" took place. As in previous years, BOGEN has sponsored a …

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Visit us at SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg!

Whether it is positioning, controlling or monitoring within the automation system – the basis for automation technology is always a …

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BOGEN exhibits at EMO

Numerous environmental influences, such as contamination caused by production residues, temperature fluctuations or vibrations, are among the challenges for measurement …

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HW-A-R-100-02 Magnetic Head

1-track MICR-head, 7.8mm, JST PHR-3 conn.
With shield can, cable length 100 mm

GCL34-01 Magnetic Head

3 MICR heads + 1 permanent magnet head

DW1832-01 Magnetic Head

1 track read head
Gapp length 40 µm
for card/ ticket

DKC1813-28.1 Magnetic Head

hard coated
write / read
3 tracks for card
Hc-3200 A/cm

DK33-07 Magnetic Head

write and read
w. = 3 mm; r.= 3 mm
1 track for card

DA 1822-22 Magnetic Head

1 track write head, metal core
METRO ticket, HICO or LOCO
for card up to Hc-3200A/cm
cable with Souriau connector

02K001CFR01 Magnetic Head

2-track ISO,
LoCo + HiCo
ceramic coating
head module, flex pcb connector

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