BOGEN magnetic heads can be found in countless applications of daily life wherever information needs to be magnetically written and read. A typical application area is tolling. You meet BOGEN magnetic heads when driving on vacation at motorway toll booths in Italy, France and Spain.



For toll applications, there are several different solutions to read and write tickets with magnetic strips:

For many motorway operators in other European countries provides BOGEN magnetic heads that are used in consumer equipment at toll stations with difficult environmental conditions such as heat, humidity and dust. The customers trust the high robustness and reliability of BOGEN products since years. Functional problems, for example, during the holiday period for the operator due to the high traffic volumes will lead to inevitably jams.

Example Solution Toll Systems

For a manufacturer of tollbooths BOGEN has developed a magnetic head with integrated wear index. The magnetic head reports in sufficient time before the end of their lifetime to the monitoring station that the head is due for replacement. Thus, a purely time-controlled exchange of the most difficult to reach heads is avoided.