BOGEN supplies the banks and their suppliers with solutions for various applications

  • Bank document processing
  • Credit card and other card reader
  • Card printing machine manufacturer
  • Bank documents on passbooks
  • Reading magnetic ink on checks
  • Banknote validation

There are a number of solutions the company BOGEN offers.

Example solution: plastic cards processing and manufacturing


For plastic cards processing and manufacturing, there are several different solutions to encode magnetic stripe:

In the production of magnetic cards and park tickets in large numbers, the cards are usually provided with magnetic base information. BOGEN magnetic heads apply this information in high speed . So up to 30,000 cards and tickets are described per hour. It is essential for quality process results from the manufacturer to maintain the optimal contact between the card and the magnetic head at the highest speed. Many customers rely on the gimbal solution from BOGEN and together with the ceramic coating the customers enjoy excellent durability of the heads.

Example Solutiuon banks


In modern banknotes different security features are included - including magnetic. BOGEN has developed with leading solutions for banknote recognition. For a leading international manufacturer of paper processing systems BOGEN produces highly sensitive magnetic sensors for checking the authenticity of banknotes. The modular design of the production of magnetic sensors enables the detection of the magnetic information of the bill in both transverse and longitudinally reliable.

The crucialMICR information for check processing information can be read and processed by a MICR module developed by BOGEN automatically and securely.

Customer benefits

  • Highest reliability in the banknote recognition and check processing
  • Low costs through innovative production technology and flexible, modular design

Example solution: MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

GCL34 Quadkopf

In many countries, many payments are handled on checks . Specific data is applied with magnetic ink on the bottom of the check form. The safe use of this data in the banking system is ensured by a BOGEN magnetic head, which is standardized according to E13B or CMC7 format.

Example Solution: Credit card writing and reading

BOGEN magnetic heads continue to be used for the personalization of magnetic cards for banking, trade and service companies. BOGEN produces a wide variety of magnetic heads for writing and reading magnetic information on credit cards according to ISO standard.