BOGEN magnetic heads can be found in countless applications of daily life wherever information needs to be magnetically written and read. A typical application area is access systems such as car parks, access control at public transport or at the airport.

You encounter BOGEN in public transport such as buses and metros in many European cities as well as in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Santiago de Chile, or in Las Vegas.

Access Systems and Tickets


For Access Systems and Tickets, many different solutions are available fro BOGEN to raead an write magnetic stripes:

Example Solutions

Metro Systems

European and Latin American Metro operating companies employ the BOGEN magnetic heads. The heads are supplied for applications up to HiCo 4000 Oe. The magnetic heads are designed as modules offering flexibility to adapt to local needs such as additional coating for extended life. The customer can get the magnetic heads with product-specific cable connectors or specific read and write voltages.

Airline Ticketing

For the detection of the passenger-specific information of the boarding passes at airports BOGEN offers corresponding magnetic heads in accordance with specific IATA standard.