Magnetic Heads from BOGEN

BOGEN provides a wide variety of magnetic heads for different applications. Whether you want to write or read tickets, credit cards or other products:  BOGEN customizes magnetic heads from a wide range exactly to your specific requirements.

Magnetic heads from BOGEN meet national and international standards such as ISO, DIN, IATA, ABA, etc., and are suitable for different magnetic coercive forces.

Special solutions for reading magnetic ink (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition - MICR) and for the recognition and validation of bank notes round out the product portfolio.

LoCo or HiCo

For Many magnetic head applications, the question arises: Is a LoCo or HiCo magnetic head better? BOGEN provides heads for all coercivities - LoCo or HiCo. Discuss your application with the BOGEN experts if you have any questions about the optimal design of magnetic heads.

BOGEN customizes magnetic heads according to your needs. BOGEN can make credit card heads that can write three HiCo tracks simultaneously.

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BOGEN develops the right magnetic head for your application for you .






Many solutions and applications are possible. Contact BOGEN and describe your task to co-develop the best magnetic head for your requirements.

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Many banking applications require magnetic heads.

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Parking tickets use magnetic stripes to record start and end times and identify different parameters.
Parking ticket magnetic heads use different requirements for each application case.

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Toll and Access Systems

Many toll systems rely on magnetic stripes as a cheap and proven method for storing and reading data. Many access systems rely on magnetic recording and reading as well.
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