Without realizing it, every day you trust your money, your safety and the organization of your life to magnet technology. All over the world magnetic heads manufactured by BOGEN read credit cards, count and check bills in banks. They also encode your rail card as well as your ticket for the car park and the ski-lift.


Customers rely on BOGEN products due to the high quality standards and the wear-optimized designs of BOGEN products- just as you rely on the ABS-System in your car.



BOGEN magnetic measurement solutions are used to precisely position millions of electronic SMD components. The positioning is exact to the micrometer. These measurement systems can be customized to different resolutions and accuracies to suit your applications.



The developers of BOGEN work in close cooperation with the customers to create optimum solutions. The jointly developed projects produce tailored results that often far exceed initial expectations.



The BOGEN product spectrum ranges from sample quantities up to large series of special components to comprehensive integrated systems. Based on a special modular design customized projects can be realized using optimized components and flexibly meeting the customer's specific requests.



From an idea to a product – BOGEN reacts special customer needs concerning development and manufacturing fast. Thanks to a production line which is optimzed to fulfill this task BOGEN delivers the variants and samples in the desired quality and delivery time



Economical alternatives emerge from innovatie ideas in the product development process. Through the high flexibility it is possible to produce variants in small quantities.